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Height: 5"11   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Black


Aqeel Taahir Ash-Shakoor was born in Murfreesboro, NC. Aqeel's first acting role was in 2010, when he played lead as Jesus Christ, in a church play titled, "I'll Rise Again," at the C.S. Brown Cultural Arts Center located in Winton, NC. In April 2015, Aqeel landed his first commercial in a principal role from his own self submitting. In May of 2015, Aqeel landed his first ever modeling job with the well-known Mid-West Fashion show, "Walk Fashion Show." Since then, Aqeel has filmed numerous local and national commercials, feature films and short films. He has also co-starred on Chicago Med and been featured on shows, Chicago Med and The Chi.

In 2019, Aqeel landed his first two lead role feature films, "Turn of The Cheek" a faith-based film aimed at forgiveness and "Cain and Abel" an upbeat edgy drama. Both are set to be released in 2020 & 2021. Aqeel's true range and transformation was seen in his next lead role as Jumanji, in the ever adventurous "Jumanji: Level One project Directed by Lance Kawas. Aqeel has also gone on to film two more feature films scheduled for streaming releases, "He Played Me," as Robert Brown, and "Tina-N-Lori," as he plays the straightforward Detective Byrons. One of his latest roles is a supporting role in the new TV series, "Smokin' Good," and other projects.

Since his elementary years, Aqeel was an inspiring hip hop emcee, who in his later years moved into music production, which he still delves in today, under the producer name “Phantom Barz.”


BS in Business Administration   |    Saint Paul’s College   |   Lawrenceville, VA

MS in Criminal Justice   |  Everest University   |   Tampa, FL

PhD in Ministry   |   Canadian International Chaplaincy Association University & Seminary | Houston, TX


Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Ambassador At-Large to the United Nations

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